About The Digital Citizenship Project

Technology influences nearly every facet of our lives and children today are placed in a digital playground, often without instructions and supervision.

The Digital Citizenship Project was designed to empower parents, teachers and students to maximize the benefits of technology by understanding and avoiding its inherent dangers.

The Digital Citizenship Project is a school-based program that provides training, support and feedback for faculty, parents and students.



The DCP Program Summary

program objectives

Program Objectives

school objectives

School Objectives

parent objectives

Parent Objectives

student objectives

Student Objectives

Meet our Team


Dr Eli Shapiro

Eli Shapiro, Ed.D, LCSW


Dr. Eli Shapiro is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Doctorate in Education giving him an expertise in both mental health and educational issues facing communities today. He is a noted writer, thinker and sought after speaker on social and communal issues. Dr. Shapiro is the creator of The Digital Citizenship Project and facilitates the parent presentations.

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Temima Feldman, M.A.

Associate Director

Temima Feldman has over 20 years experience in school leadership, administration and school based consulting. Her areas of expertise include, differentiated instruction, curriculum development, classroom management, behavior modification, instructional supervision, Myers Briggs, and school/home engagement. Mrs. Feldman manages The Digital Citizenship Project and facilitates professional development.

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Meet Our Team

Meet our Digital Citizenship team.

The Digital Citizenship Project is a division of elishapiro.com.

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