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The Digital Citizenship Project and the Tech Smart program present parents and children with a practical set of tools and strategies that proactively provide the knowledge and skills to engage in healthy and responsible digital behavior. This is the program that we have been waiting for!

– David Pelcovitz, Ph.D.,
Professor, Straus Chair in Psychology & Education,
Yeshiva University

We need to teach our children to safely navigate the digital world in which they live. Increasingly our schools are dealing with the consequences of children ill prepared for the challenges of technology and social media. The Digital Citizenship Project’s curricular materials help school leaders provide their students with the essential skills for survival in today’s digital world.

– Richard Altabe, Ed.M,
Executive Director, TOVA Mentoring Program

While advancements in technology present us with new opportunity, we are also seeing the negative impact it can have on the mental health and social functioning of today’s youth. Too many of our school aged children and their parents are unprepared for the responsibility that comes with the power of technology. Dr. Eli Shapiro has created, what should be required learning for parents, children, educators and mental health professionals, with The Digital Citizenship Project and The Tech Smart Program. I encourage school districts, social service agencies and communities alike to take advantage of this wonderful program.

– Phillip Goldfeder
New York State Assembly
Committee on Mental Health

Digital tools touch our lives more and more every day. While it is imperative for students to become skilled users of technology, this presents huge challenges for teachers and parents who didn’t grow up utilizing these tools. The Digital Citizenship Project is an invaluable resource and support which can help us to understand and use strategies for teaching our children to be the best Digital Citizens

– Dr. Linda Reider Mancz
Supervisor, Health and Allied Services, Nassau BOCES

With the onset of highly accessible and powerful technologies available to adults and children alike, it can seem overwhelming for parents and educators who feel that they cannot keep up with the rapid changes of a technological world. The Digital Citizenship Project and the Tech Smart program provides not only population specific statistics, but sound guidance for parents and educators navigating children in a 24/7 media world. In doing so, the program has empowered schools to partner with their parent community and engage students in productive and safe dialogue about digital citizenship. With the help of the Tech Smart program and Dr. Eli Shapiro, schools and parents can encourage more responsible online behavior and create a safer and communicative environment for all members of their community.

– Hanna Shekhter
Technology Coordinator, Brauser Maimonides Academy

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