What CAN We Do Now?

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Model Responsible Digital Engagement

  • Having set hours where there in no digital engagement
  • Dinner hour – No cell phones at the table
  • First half-hour home no electronic mediums
  • Openly discuss when you are digitally disconnecting and why

Promote healthy social interactions

  • Listening and responding
  • Showing interest by smiling and asking questions
  • Greeting others
  • Giving compliments
  • Understanding body language and vocal tones
  • Understanding personal space and appropriate touching
  • Joining an on-going activity
  • Sharing and cooperating
  • Handling teasing
  • Managing anger appropriately
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Shift the Dialogue – Real conversations involve active listening and non judgmental responses.

  • Some conversations starters might be:
    Tell me about your day?
    Is math class getting any easier?
    Who did you sit next to at lunch today?

Install filters

Filters can be added to Smart Phones and Tablets

Log Google Activity

Limit Screen Time

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Digital Engagement Should Public

  • Computers should be set up in a public place
  • Doors must be kept open when digitally engaged
  • Phones and Internet activity should be regularly monitored

Supervision of all Digital Engagement

  • All devices (yes, that includes yours) charged in a central location 7 days a week
  • All devices have a designated shut-off time
  • No devices in bed


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